Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One day at a time

I'm a planner.. by my own nature. I plan everything out months in advance. I get it from my father. I'm normally laid-back, but I have to have things on track, planned out for the future, and if they don't follow that track.. I tend to get a little unhinged (to put it lightly) I especially have to have a plan when it comes to moving your whole life to a completely foreign country.

Giancarlo on the other hand, is the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda guy. He rolls with the punches better than I ever will. However, I'm learning the sad reality that plans don't always follow the initial track laid-out (maybe something I should have learned long ago, but I'm a late bloomer)

We had a fun run in with the Italian consulate this week. His mother's birth certificate has still not left New York to go to her home town of Chianche, Italy to be processed (and then to return to New York) this lovely detail makes for a slight hold up in Giancarlo's citizenhip. We leave May 5th and have been dealing with his citizenship for almost a year now.

So here I am, worried that once we land in Italy, we are going to blow through all our savings in the first two months because we can't get our jobs, that we had lined out in our initial plan to move. During my rant on why can't the consulate process the paperwork faster, Giancarlo is calm, cool and collected (unlike myself) saying that it won't be a problem.. it will work itself out. This has been something that I've witnessed but now I actually have to relay on (another thing I'm not good at) So as of February, 5th, 2008.. Giancarlo and I do not have a plan.. nor is there one in the works. The only thing we have planned out is that we are moving May 5th, whether we are ready or not.. whether Italy is ready for us or not.

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