Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apostille this!

I love my mailman this week! I've never met him/her, but my Apostille arrived!!! (I really didn't think it would!) I'm actually really impressed with how everything panned out. I prepared myself for a long drawn-out battle with the California State system, but when I went home for Christmas, I applied for my birth certificate... and of course had to get that notarized in person. It came with in two weeks, as promised... signed, sealed, and delivered it back to the California State to get my official "Apostille." I had already assumed that with the list of requirements that I have to deliver my birth certificate with (letter stating where, when and why...$25 for the Apostille, and no direct contact) that it would get lost in the mindless pushing of paperwork. But, to my surprise, four weeks later it had officially arrived in my mailbox!!! Thank you California!!

This past weekend Giancarlo and I also ventured to AAA to apply for our international drivers permits. Another task that I figured would end up in red tape, because thats just the way things work around here. But again, I was wrong! We walked in....filled out the paper work, took our pictures, paid $31 for the permit, and walked out the door with permits in hand. Two major things, checked off the list! I feel that we've gotten really lucky so far, and I won't complain about that! We're now starting to figure out what to do about our health insurance... yes, the dreaded health insurance. My dad added to my list (and with good advice) that we should get letters from our current health insurance carriers because if we ever want to come back to the U.S. having a gap in the insurance will be damaging. It happened to him, so I don't want to take any chances. I'm praying that by the time we decide to move back to the States, there will be some form of Universal health care in place...but I won't hold my breath. Till then, I just have to be prepared for any and all instances of beaurocratic stupidity. Also, researching into International cobras/health insurance. Again, having no clue what I'm doing.. but does anyone really at first? Here's hoping!

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